Treverton College Fees 2021-2022

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Treverton College Fees 2021-2022

Treverton College Fees 2021-2022 – see details below…



A non-refundable application fee of R 400 to cover all administrative costs, including the costs of credit clearances, is payable on return of the Application Form.


non-refundable acceptance fee, to secure a pupil’s place in the School, is payable immediately a pupil accepts the offer of a place in the School, and on return of the official Enrolment Contract.

Pre-Primary and Prep:

Boarders R 2 500

Day Scholars R 1 500


Boarders R 5 500

Day Scholars R 3 000

Gap year: Boarders R 3 500

This includes a fee of R 500 for all pupils in respect of membership of the Old Trevertonian Association. All Prep pupils will be charged this fee in 2019 over 4 terms. Treverton College Fees

In order to reserve their place in the College, all pupils wishing to move from gr 7 in the Prep to gr 8 in the College must pay the difference between the College and Prep acceptance fees by the end of May of the pupil’s gr 7 year. This is non-refundable.


Rigid Exchange Control regulations necessitate a refundable deposit of one term’s fees (in addition to the usual acceptance fee) being paid to the School before a pupil who is resident of a country outside of the borders of South Africa may be admitted to the School. This deposit is to be updated annually and is fully refundable once the pupil leaves the School and the last fee account is settled in full. This also applies to local parents paying in foreign currency. Treverton College Fees

In addition there is an annual charge of R 1 500 per pupil payable by all pupils that are resident of countries outside the borders of South Africa to cover additional administration and academic costs. Treverton College Fees

ANNUAL TUITION AND BOARDING FEES (weekly boarding rates are available on request)













LEVY (per family)

RRR 3 days

20 680.00

20 680.00

1 460.00

RRR 5 days

27 800.00

27 800.00

1 460.00


27 800.00

27 800.00

1 460.00


34 320.00

34 320.00

1 460.00


51 200.00

96 960.00

148 160.00

2 880.00

5 200.00


51 200.00

96 960.00

148 160.00

2 880.00

5 200.00


51 200.00

96 960.00

148 160.00

2 880.00

5 200.00


69 280.00

96 960.00

166 240.00

3 880.00

5 200.00


69 280.00

96 960.00

166 240.00

4 100.00

5 200.00


69 280.00

96 960.00

166 240.00

6 920.00

5 200.00


82 920.00

96 960.00

179 880.00

8 520.00

5 200.00


100 760.00

106 440.00

207 200.00

6 440.00

5 200.00


100 760.00

106 440.00

207 200.00

6 140.00

5 200.00


100 760.00

106 440.00

207 200.00

6 580.00

5 200.00


100 760.00

106 440.00

207 200.00

4 940.00

5 200.00


100 760.00

106 440.00

207 200.00

9 520.00

5 200.00

Gap year

87 000.00

87 000.00




The General Purpose Levy covers expenses such as limited stationery, copying and printing, class notes, compulsory grade excursions (including gr 10 journey) and drama shows, and IT and library access in both the College and Prep; charity and civvies days, house funds, lab-online, text book usage, study skills/career assessment and Grade 12 IEB exam fee in the College; mathletics, computer-aided learning programmes, and benchmarking tests in the Prep; etc. Treverton College Fees


The Campus Development Levy is used solely for the upgrade and development of infrastructure and facilities of the School. The levy is R 5 200 per family for pupils from Grades 1 to gr 12.


Parents who pay the published 2019 Annual fees, Levies and Insurance for a particular pupil in full before the start of school in January of that year are entitled to a discount as follows: Sept and Oct 7.5 %, Nov 6.0%, Dec 4.5 %, Jan 15th 3.0 %. This discount is only applied to tuition and boarding fees, less any allowance granted. All additional charges are payable by debit order or on presentation of the School account. Any queries in this regard should be addressed to the Bursar’s Office.



Parents are to ensure that their children are members of a medical aid scheme and provide the School with their medical aid details (and Gap cover details if applicable). Treverton College Fees

Personal Accident and Netcare 911 insurance is compulsory for all pupils. Details are available from the School. The premiums for 2019 will be:

Pre-prep and Prep: R 455 per pupil. College: Girls R 755 Boys R 1 730. Gap year: included in fee.

Baseline concussion test included in the rates above: R 300.00 (compulsory for all College and Gap year pupils, voluntary for Prep pupils)

Parents are to ensure that all their children’s possessions are insured under their own personal insurance policies. The school will not be held liable for theft/ loss of pupils’ possessions from school or school-related activities


Payment of Annual Fees, Levies, Supplemental activities and Sundry charges must be made by monthly debit order over 11 months (Matrics and Gap year 10 months January to October), and in accordance with the specific terms laid down in the School’s Debtors’ Policy and the Parents’ signed contract with the School. All parents are required to set up a debit order up with the Bursar’s Office. By completing the “Detailed Schedule of Fees & Sundries�? form, parents’ debit order deduction can be calculated. Treverton College Fees

Those not able to pay by debit order are required to pay their fees annually or quarterly in advance in order for their children to be admitted to the School each term.

Credit and Debit card payments for fees are not accepted

Non-residents and those paying in foreign currency are not eligible to pay their fees by debit order.

Account Statements are emailed to parents by the 5th of each month. It is the parent’s responsibility to inform the Bursar’s Office if statements have not been received by email. Any additional charges that are not covered by the monthly debit order are due on presentation of the statement.


These are charged individually as they are incurred (see “Detailed Schedule of Fees & Sundries�? form) and cover:

School related charges such as workbooks, lost or damaged text books, additional stationery and printing, additional outings and camps, academic subject excursions, non-compulsory academic activities, extra lessons, sport and class photo’s, shop purchases, sick bay charges, Day Scholar lunches etc

Extra mural activities such as music, dancing, outdoor pursuit awards, First Aid courses, gym membership, Student Christian Association camp, etc.

Sports and other tours and tournaments: Sports teams and various clubs in both the College and the Prep participate in various tours or tournaments during the year. The costs of these are communicated to parents well in advance of the event. Pupils may only participate in these events if the account with the School is up to date and payment for the event has been made in advance or costs are covered by the monthly debit order.


Treverton’s excellent Equestrian facilities include dressage and show-jumping arenas, a cross-country track and a large estate for outrides. Pupils may stable their horses at the School and have group or individual lessons on their own or School horses. All levels of rider are catered for in the dressage, show-jumping, equitation and eventing disciplines. Costs for lessons and livery are available from the Bursar’s Office.

WEARHOUSE (School uniform shop)

The Treverton School uniform, airtime, and limited stationery, are available from the School Shop on the premises. Pupils may also draw pocket money from the Wearhouse on their bank cards. All Wearhouse purchases must be paid for by cash, card or in advance.


The school provides transport for Day Scholars to and from Estcourt and Nottingham Road each day, depending on demand. Bookings and costs are made and charged for on a quarterly basis. Costs are available from the Bursar’s Office.

Transport is also offered to boarders to and from Johannesburg or Durban and local airports at the beginning and end of each term and half term. In addition, pupils are transported to local towns when considered necessary. Costs for these trips are charged to parents as and when they occur.


mid-morning drink and snack is provided daily to all Prep and College pupils. Pre-primary children are required to bring their own to school each day.

Day Scholars in both the College and Prep may order lunch, should they so wish, on a quarterly basis only. Charges are available on request from the Bursar’s Office, but equate to approximately R37.50 per day.

Day scholars may also stay overnight in boarding when required. The rate is currently R 200 per night plus the cost of meals. Stays of more than 2 weeks are charged at the pro rata boarding fee.


A discount of 10% is allowed on the total tuition and boarding fees of each of the younger children, when two or more of the immediate family are enrolled in the School, and provided that such child does not enjoy any other form of fee reduction. This discount excludes the oldest child. When only one child of the family remains at the school, this discount automatically falls away.


Interest on overdue accounts is charged at 2.0% above the prime overdraft rate (this equates to 12.25% pa at present).


A full terms notice in writing is required when removing a child from the School or Boarding house, or any other supplemental activity e.g. livery, equestrian or music lessons. Should such notice not be given a full terms fee must be paid in lieu of such notice.


Limited bursaries are available annually for existing parents requiring financial assistance with their fees. Applications for renewal are required each year and awards are made strictly on a needs basis. All bursary applications are highly confidential and application forms can be obtained from the Bursar’s Office.


Scholarships are awarded to pupils entering Grade 8. These may be awarded for academic, sporting or cultural excellence. The Scholarship/Entrance examinations are written in the second term of the pupil’s Grade 7 year.


Treverton Trust, Standard Bank, branch code: 05-10-01, account no: 060204931, swift code: SBZAZAJJ, Ref: Childs name and surname or Treverton Pupil account number

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