Hoerskool Marias Viljoen Fees 2023-2024

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Hoerskool Marias Viljoen Fees 2023-2024

Hoerskool Marias Viljoen Fees – Hoerskool Marias Viljoen has released their tuition fee structure for 2023-2024 academic year.

Under the provisions of Section 40 of the South African School Act 1996, a parent is liable to pay school fees as determined by a resolution adopted by the majority of parents at our general meeting.

Under the Act of 30 (3) of the Act, the Governing Body must implement this resolution. Under the provisions of section 41 of the Act, the Governing Body may, by process of law, enforce the payment of fees by parents who are liable to pay. In accordance with the act, a parent’s meeting with the Governing Body is held annually for the approval of the budget and school fees for the following year.

A parent / guardian is liable to pay the school fees determined in terms of section 39 unless or to the extent that he or she has been exempted from payment in terms of the Act.

It is charged monthly and the account will be mailed or e-mailed. You are obligated to make sure that you receive your statement. If, for some reason, you did not receive it, it does not mean that the fees are not owed.

Hoerskool Marias Viljoen Resolution 2019

Hoerskool Marias Viljoen Resolution 1

The budget for 2019, as tabled, which reflects the estimated cumulative effect of established trends of non-payment and of the total, partially or conditionally exempted to be granted to parents in terms of the Regulations, is approved. Hoerskool Marias Viljoen Fees

school fees

A discount (discount on school fees) applies if you use one of the following two options:

Resolution 2

It is resolved that school fees may be paid:

  • One month if you swipe your debit card on AEDO system before January 31, 2019
  • It is resolved that School fees or R26,240 be paid:
  • In full by 28 February, in which case a discount of R2 320 will be granted;


  • Any monies received (ie tour money) from a parent / learner will first be allocated to school fees
  • In the case of the matric farewell, learners’ school fees must be paid, or arrangements made with the Financial Office before a learner may attend. This is in addition to the requirement that matric farewell fees are not part of the school fund.
  • In terms of family law, parents are jointly and severally liable for the payment of the school fees, the marital status has no influence on them.
  • In case of non-payment of school fees, the school will take legal action against both parents regardless of any maintenance or court order that may exist between parents.
  • In terms of Article 39 of the SA Schools Act, the parents are responsible for paying the compulsory school fees.
  • In terms of Articles 40 and 41 of the SA Schools Act, the school may enforce the payment of compulsory school fees.
  • Please note that in terms of Section 41 (5) (a) of the Schools Act, fees must be settled within 3 (three) months of receiving a letter of claim. Hoerskool Marias Viljoen Fees

Option 1:

One-time payment

If you pay before or on 28 February 2019 (cash, check or credit card):

Option 2:

Payment by AEDO debit order:

First payment (already payable on November )

What is AEDO? AEDO (Authenticated Early Debit Order) is a terminal based solution which enables merchant to load future-dated, irreversible transactions. In other words your school fees will be processed later on. AEDO can only be done at the school.

If your debit order returns as unpaid, you will forfeit the discount

School fees if you do not use option 1 or 2

Method of payment: 
A monthly amount of R2 020 is payable if you use one of the following methods:
Electronic Transfer, Check, Cash, Credit Card or Debit Card
  • Using one of these discount options will therefore bring about a significant savings.
  • Our parent community is encouraged to make use of the above discount.
  • If a pupil who enrolled in 2018 does not arrive for school in 2019, the parents may apply in writing for a refund of first payment.
  • Debit orders will go off monthly on the day requested by parents.

Resolution 3

It is resolved that

The criteria for the total, partial or conditional exemption of parents, who are unable to pay compulsory school fees, are determined in accordance with the criteria set out in The Exemption of Parents from School Fees Regulations (as amended in Government Gazette 39392 or 17 November) , 2006)

It is resolved that the following procedures will apply: eg:

A parent who wishes to be exempted from the payment of school fees for a child at Marais Viljoen High school, shall apply annually in writing by completing the relevant forms provided by the school and returning the forms on or before 28 February 2019 .

The parent shall attend an interview with the Manager Finance.

The chairperson and the treasurer will evaluate each application by applying the relevant legislation and regulations before granting or declining an application.

  • Applicants will be informed, in writing, by the SGB of the outcome within 30 days of the parent lodging the application, provided that all relevant documentation was submitted with the application.
  • The exemption amount is calculated on both parents’ gross income, profits on investments and business transactions.
  • Foster parents automatically receive exemption and should only submit the necessary supporting documents, but can make a voluntary contribution.
  • Divorced parents or single parents (ie widow, widower) applying must submit the divorce certificate or death certificate from the other parent responsible for the funds.

Resolution 4

It is resolved that: The SGB is authorized to make payments to state-owned members of staff in terms of Section 38A of SASA. That sum of R2 787488 allocated towards Section 38A as reflected in the budget as tabled, be approved.

Hoerskool Marias Viljoen Resolution 5

It is resolved that the following schedules, which are attached as addenda to the budget, are accepted:

  • The Schedule of official activities of the school as per the schedule titled “Pursuits which are part of the School Program” (see attached list)
  • The list of items / actions which fall outside of the school program.
  • The financial office’s hours for 2018: –

School terms 07: 00-15: 00 Monday – Thursday and on a Friday 07: 00-14: 00

Hoerskool Marias Viljoen Banking Details:

  • MARAIS VILJOEN HIGH / Technical High School
  • Check Account: 210510990
  • Alberton Branch Code: 63112
  • REFERENCE: Surname, name / action (ie school fees, netball, bus, etc.)

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