St Alban’s College Fees 2023-2024

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St Alban’s College Fees 2023-2024

St Alban’s College Fees 2023-2024 – see details below…

Dear Parents

Each year in July, the College Council meets to review and agree upon the fees for the year ahead. It is one of the single most challenging aspects of serving as a governor and not a task that any of us take lightly. We respect the sacrifices that parents must continually make to provide their son/s with a St Alban’s College education. We contemplate numerous factors, some detailed below, with a view to provide what we consider full value for the fee that is charged. We are a non-profit diocesan school that provides not only a high-quality education but that

actively seeks to innovate and prepare our scholars for the dynamic environment that they will encounter after they leave us. This includes aspects of technological integration and interconnectedness but importantly balances this in the societal context in which we operate.

We follow a zero base budgeting principle. Staff salaries constitute the single biggest cost item, with Kitchen & Catering, Security, and Repairs & Maintenance the next biggest items. We take into account trends in the costs of electricity, food, technology and transport, where the increases far exceed the official inflation (CPIX) figures.

In setting our fee increase for 2019 we have taken the following strategic objectives into account:

a)The imperative to continue to recruit and retain the most proficient staff – academic, support and sport.

b)The need to continually augment and improve the curriculum offered at the College.

c)Our firm commitments and ongoing support of social awareness and supports initiatives within our community.

d)Our Capital Development Programme that will focus on our Chapel and Boarding facilities. The developments in both 2017 and 2018 have already added significantly to the quality of the experience on the campus and we intend to consistently provide an environment that is conducive to us living out our values. St Alban’s College Fees

e)The cost-of-living increase caused by ongoing inflation with particular reference to food, transport and services.

Thus, the fees for 2019 will reflect a 7.95% increase on tuition and boarder fees:



R 140,850 per annum

(R 130 470 in 2018)

Boarding and Tuition


R 247, 650 per annum

(R 229 410 in 2018)

We thank you for your support of the College and know that your support requires a considerable financial commitment on your part. We sincerely hope that you view the education that your son is receiving here worth the investment.

Should you have any queries arising out of the above, you are urged to raise these with the Business Manager, Mrs Tracy McDonald, or the Headmaster, Mr Shane Kidwell. St Alban’s College Fees

Yours sincerely

Warwick van Breda

Chairman of Council




This is a non-refundable fee paid by all applicants of R350.


For ENTRY IN 2019 (effective until January 2019):

Day Scholars




For ENTRY IN 2023 (effective until January 2023):

Day Scholars




If you are a current parent and already have a son at the College, please contact the Finance Office to discuss the Enrolment Levy as special arrangements are made per Family. Essentially, the existing enrolment levy will be ‘topped up’ to the amount applicable to the younger son. Entry into higher year groups carries an Enrollment Levy calculated at a pro-rata basis (with Form 2 at 80%, etc.).

No monies owing to the College by an Applicant or a Pupil may be off-set against the Enrolment Levy.

In the event that a Pupil, after Enrolment at the College, fails to attend the College, or is withdrawn by the Applicant, other than after one term’s notice, the Enrolment Levy is forfeited. St Alban’s College Fees

If, subsequent to entering into a Contract with the College, the Pupil does not take up a place at the College (save for by reason of death, long-term hospitalisation, business or diplomatic transfers), the Enrolment Levy will be retained by the College as a reasonable cancellation fee for the Pupil’s withdrawal. However, should the College be able to fill the vacancy created by the Pupil’s withdrawal on or before the first day of the first full term for which the Pupil was to have been enrolled, a refund will be made, less the College’s costs in administering, processing and handling the Pupil’s Enrolment (or a reasonable estimate of these costs).

FEES FOR 2019:

Annual Fee if paid

Annual Fee if paid

Term Fee

10 Monthly


payable on 1st


in advance by

in advance by


day of each


11 December 2018

18 January 2019


1 January 2019







Boarding & Tuition






Discount for payment in advance:

4% discount if paid in full by 11 December 2018 2.5% discount if paid in full by 18 January 2019



Terms and Conditions

While the College Council hopes to maintain the published scale of fees and charges, unforeseen circumstances and rising costs may, from time to time, necessitate changes. The Council therefore reserves the right to alter all or any of the fees or charges at its discretion subject to one term’s notice.

School fees are payable termly, in advance, by no later than the first (1st) day of each school term unless prior arrangements have been agreed to by the school or a debit order has been signed.

Monthly payments are to be made over 10 months by debit order commencing on 1 January 2019. (A debit order mandate can be obtained from the Finance department.) Please take additional costs into account when budgeting for and arranging payments by debit order. Any debit order that is unpaid shall incur a penalty of R250.

Annual, termly and sundry payments to the College must be done via EFT or direct deposit. Cash, cheque and credit card payments are not accepted.

Fees in arrears will attract interest from due date to actual date of payment.

Direct sundry charges are payable within 30 days. Any sundry charges not settled by the 7th of the following month will be considered to be in arrears. Sundry charges will only be reversed or refunded to the extent that the College is able to recover the cost.

Special tours and sports tours must be paid in full prior to the date of departure and will not be charged to the fee account. Under no circumstances will pupils be permitted to attend or participate in tours unless school accounts in arrears are paid up in full.

The College reserves the right to restrict admission of any pupil in respect of whom monies due to the school are outstanding, prevent such pupils from writing exams and to withhold reports of such pupils.

Accounts that are more than 6 months overdue will be handed over for collection and all costs thereto will be for the account of the person responsible for the payment of school fees. Defaulters will be reported to the various Credit Bureaus.

To avoid penalties, parents are contractually obliged to give a term’s written notice of their intention to withdraw their son.

If you receive this communication and you are not the responsible fee payer, it is your responsibility to ensure that the communication reaches the responsible party.

Statements are electronically mailed. Should you require a hardcopy of statements, please advise the Bursar’s office. In the event of a change in email address please ensure that the Bursar’s office is notified.

Electronic payments; transfers and deposits must be referenced with the pupil’s account number which appears on the fee statement. Our bank details are as follows:

Standard Bank

Branch code: 010045

Account no.: 010621733

All queries with regard to College fees are dealt with by the College Bursar.

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