Alexander Road High School Fees 2020-2021

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Alexander Road High School Fees 2020-2021

Alexander Road High School Fees | The Fee structure has been released by Alexander Road High School For 2020-2021 Academic Year…see details below.


In accordance with the regulations as laid down in the South African Schools’ Act of 1996, a meeting of parents was held in the Jeff Ilsley Auditorium on Monday evenin At this meeting the proposed budget for 2020 was accepted and an adjustment to the current school fee of 8,9% was also accepted. Compulsory School Fees for 2020 in terms of Section 39 of the South African Schools Act, will therefore be as follows:


Please note the following resolutions are in place:

Resolution 1. School Fees are PAYABLE IN ADVANCE and are due on the first day of the school year 2020. Resolution 2The following TERMS OF PAYMENT are offered by the school:

2.1Payment in full by 5 February with a 5 % discount (i.e. R28 482,00)

2.2Debit Order over 11 months of R2 726,00 per month per child from: 25 January to 25 November OR 1 February to 1 December

2.3.Monthly payments by Internet transfer, bank deposit or cash, cheque or credit card, 1 February to 1 December, i.e. 11 months at R2 726,00 per month per child.

Resolution 3Both parents, irrespective of their marital status and/or personal arrangements, are liable in law for their child’s school fees.

Resolution 4. All the subsections of the budget are approved.


Applications for reduction in school fees, completed by both parents, must be received by the school on the official Alex form before the end of February. Applications received after the end of February will NOT be considered unless personal circumstances, properly motivated, have changed drastically beyond your control. Parents who applied for a reduction in 2018 must re-apply for 2020. Reductions in school fees do NOT include arrear payments and are granted from the date of receipt of the application. For new applications for admission a reduction in school fees will only be considered if the completed checklist form attached to the application form indicated that the intention is to apply for such a reduction, or if personal circumstances have changed drastically beyond your control since completing the checklist form.

Kindly note further that this letter serves as a notice in terms of Section 41(5)(a) of the South African Schools Act

84 of 1996. You are accordingly requested to take note of the following:

That unless exempted, you are liable for the payment of the annual school fees as detailed in this circular letter and that the payment of school fees is compulsory. You are furthermore entitled to apply for a reduction, alternatively exemption of school fees, in which event you are to indicate your intention to apply and whether you require assistance with such application. Applicants must be prepared for an exhaustive investigation, supported by documentary proof, into their financial circumstances and lifestyle.

We are aware that the current economic climate is particularly demanding, but timeous payment of school fees must be your priority for there is nothing more important than your child receiving the quality education you desire from our school. It is unfair that the majority of parents who make personal sacrifices, in order to meet their school fee payments, “carry�? those who simply do not pay.

Should fees not be paid timeously the school has the right to list you with a relevant credit bureau as a slow payer.

The accounts of parents who default on payment will, without exception, be handed over to our attorneys for collection. Judgment could be taken against either or both parents, for the principal debt with costs, which would result in your being blacklisted.

It may be of great assistance for you to start paying your 2020 fees immediately. Some parents find that this helps alleviate some pressure off their budget next year.

A credit card facility is available. All Visa, Master & Debit Cards are welcome, but the 5% discount is NOT offered with this method of payment.

School fees do NOT include costs for instrument hire, tours, tournaments and long distance travel.

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