Bridge House School Fees 2020-2021

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Bridge House School Fees 2020-2021

Bridge House School Fees 2020-2021 – the fees has been released for 2020-2021 academic year…



These fees include the following:

Normal academic, sport, extra-mural and aftercare programmes.

Transport and entry fees on class or grade outings.

Visiting speakers and performing groups.

Standardised Grade Assessments.

Medical Rescue Scheme.





Playschool (2, 3 and 4 yrs)

R45 130

R11 900

R 4 530

Pre-Prim (Gr 00 and Gr 0)

R51 600

R13 460

R 5 150

Grades 1 – 2

R75 070

R19 660

R 7 540

Grades 3

– 5

R90 680

R23 850

R 9 110

Grades 6

– 7

R91 790

R24 140

R 9 220

Grades 8

– 9

R122 500

R32 270

R12 290

Grades 10 – 11

R122 960

R32 390

R12 340

Grade Gr 12

R122 960

R43 140

R15 090


R114 980

R30 180

R12 960

Boarding Gr 12

R114 980

R40 240

R15 490

SIBLING REBATES 2nd child: 2.5%, 3rd child or more: 5% per sibling


The school offers 3 payment options. Please select one for the entire year.

Annual: 1 payment by 9 January 2020

Termly: 4 payments by the first day of each term, 9 January, 15 April, 14 July and 5 October 2020. Grade 12 fees are payable over the first three terms.

Monthly: 11 equal payments on the 1st of each month from January to November 2020. All parents choosing this option must complete a Debit Order Form. All Grade 12 fees are payable from January to September in 9 equal payments.


A late payment charge will be levied at the rate of prime on all accounts not settled by due date. Annual fees not paid in full by 20th January 2020, termly fees not paid in full by the end of the first week of each term and monthly fees not paid by the 1st day of each month, will be regarded as overdue.


The following fees are payable and are not refundable:

Application Fee (paid with Application)

R500 per family

Acceptance Fee (paid on Acceptance of a place)

R3500 per child

Development Fund

See options available


The following extra charges, but not limited to, will be charged to your school statement as and when they occur. These are payable upon receipt of your school fee statement.

Text books, e-books and workbooks from certain suppliers.

Individual music tuition fees, payable termly at advertised rates.

Other special courses, payable as advertised.

Purchases through the school, such as: musical instrument hire, additional printing credits etc.

Additional tuition fees for Immigrant English, Afrikaans and other foreign languages.

Remedial and educational support fees.

Fees for any private coaching, pottery or other courses are payable termly.

Outsourced and Bridge House bus transport fees payable termly in advance.

Dining Hall lunch fees payable termly in advance.

Boarding charges such as transport, laundry, medication and other small ancillary costs etc.


This levy will cover all costs for camps, some printed educational notes, PA fund, school magazine and educational programmes specific to a grade. These levies are a contribution to a group expense so it is not possible to refund fully should an individual child miss an event paid for by levy.

Please see the web page for the detail of each grade levy.

The following amount will be charged on your January account and is payable on presentation.


Senior Primary

2 year group

R 155

Grade 4

R 2 420

3 year group

R 330

Grade 5

R 2 630

Grade 000

R 330

Grade 6

R 3 480

Grade 00

R 330

Grade 7

R 4 660

Grade 0

R 720

Junior Primary


Grade 1

R 2 620

Grade 8

R 2 955

Grade 2

R 2 305

Grade 9

R 4 130

Grade 3

R 2 875

Grade 10

R 5 085

Grade 11

R 5 220

Grade 12

R 5 170

Although the Board of Directors will always endeavour not to increase tuition fees during a school year, it reserves the right to do so if circumstances require it. A reasonable increase in fees can be expected each year to provide for inflation and other costs beyond our control.

A term’s written notice is required when withdrawing a pupil from the school.

Both parties who have signed the Acceptance of Place form remain liable for the payment of all outstanding accounts, unless other written agreements are lodged with the administration office. All payments received will be applied firstly to late payment charges, fees in lieu of notice, sundry charges and then outstanding tuition fees.

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