Bridge House School Boarding Houses Information

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Bridge House School Boarding Houses Information

Bridge House School Boarding Houses Information – see the boarding houses available below:

Huguenot House (junior boys boarding)

Bridge House provides the ideal, caring environment for its boarders enabling them to experience the school’s academic, cultural and sports programme to its fullest.

Erica House (junior girls boarding)

With spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, girls and boys from Grade 7 to 12 are housed in modern, family-style boarding houses. The buildings are on campus with access to all the school facilities such as the IT centres, Learning Commons and art room as well as the playing fields, outdoor exercise equipment, swimming pool, tennis courts, astroturf and indoor sports facility.

Common Room Bellegam House (senior boys boarding)

Whilst boarders are encouraged to show initiative and take personal responsibility for their studying and recreation, an organised homework programme is also supervised by resident staff. These staff members represent a wide range of interests, making it possible for any boarder to find a mentor or confidant. Each boarding house also has a matron who looks after the domestic needs of the boarders. They are always ready to offer a comforting shoulder to boarders – and their parents. Birthdays and notable achievements on and off the sports field are proudly celebrated.

Common Room Huguenot House (junior boys boarding)

The boarding staff are supported by the School Nurse who takes care of those ailments that need not be referred to a doctor. In consultation with the matrons, and with timely warning, she also arranges transport for boarders going to Cape Town over the weekends and, for those who live further away, transport to and from the airport at the beginning and end of each term.

Common Room Waterfall House (senior girls boarding)

Whilst some boarders choose to return home for the weekends, many of them do stay in and, apart from one compulsory out weekend each term, are encouraged to do so. These boarders take the opportunity to relax, catch up on their schoolwork and make use of the school’s facilities.

Common Room Waterfall House (senior girls boarding)

In their relaxation time, boarders from all over the world often take to the sports fields for informal games or come together in large communal areas with fireplaces. These are very welcome in winter when boarders are greeted after a day’s work with a snack and a warm fire. Boarders’ meals are catered for by Origin Food Management Services who can cater for special dietary requirements.

Bedroom Bellegam House (senior boys boarding)

Our student leadership in the senior phase is democratic and the rules are based on mutual respect and trust. These rules were initially drawn up in consultation with the boarders who are regularly given the opportunity to arrange inter-house games which combine skill with fun are run by the senior house student leaders and are very popular. The boarders have a proud identity but the school house system encourages them to integrate with the rest of the school and friendships develop with day scholars and fellow boarders alike.

Common Room Bellegam House (senior boys boarding)

Our aim is to provide a supportive, happy environment where our boarders are encouraged to develop into secure, motivated young adults. The fact that so many of them continue to maintain contact with their fellow boarders and boarding staff long after they have left the school, testifies to the fact that for most of them, the boarding experience is one that they will always value.

Kitchen Area Erica House (junior girls boarding)

Grade 7 to 9 boarders are housed in Erica (girls) and Huguenot (boys) and Grade 11 and 12 boarders in Waterfall (girls) and Bellegam (boys). Depending on the number of Grade 10 boarders at the time, Grade 10s could be placed in any one of the four houses.


Huguenot House (junior boys boarding)

Erica House Weekday Routine and Signing Out
Huguenot House Weekday Routine and Signing Out Procedure

Common Area Erica House (junior girls boarding)

All boarders are regarded as full time termly boarders. They may go out for weekends (not portions of weekends), but they are required to notify duty staff by the previous Wednesday for catering and duty purposes.

Bedroom Erica House (junior girls boarding)

There is one compulsory out-weekend for Boarders every term. At this time, the Boarding Houses are closed and no staff are on duty. Boarding Houses are also closed during the school holidays. Pupils may not remain in the Boarding Houses at these times. Please refer to the Term Calendars under General Information / Calendars / Term Dates.

Common Area Erica House (junior girls boarding)

Those boarders who will not be seeing their parents regularly may need pocket money. We would prefer them to have debit cards linked to your bank accounts so that you can monitor their spending
Boarders will not be allowed to come and go at will during the weekends and, if they are not signed out for the weekend, may leave the school premises only for school-sanctioned activities.

Common Area Huguenot House (junior boys boarding)

Boarders going out for the weekends with anyone other than people indicated on the attached form, will need written permission from parents as well as an invitation from the host. Should boarders have sport or a school function on Saturday morning, they may stay in Boarding until this is completed. These arrangements must be finalised with the relevant Head of Boarding staff by the previous Wednesday evening.

Dining room for Huguenot and Erica Houses

All boarders going out for the weekend must leave by 4.00pm on Friday (unless by prior arrangement) and return between 5.00 pm and 8.00 pm on Sunday. Dinner is served at 6.15pm.

Waterfall and Bellegam Houses and Dining Room

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