St Mary’s DSG Fees 2023-2024

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St Mary’s DSG Fees 2023-2024

St Mary’s DSG Fees 2023-2024 – see details below…



Please note that annual, termly and monthly payment options ARE NOT inclusive of Compulsory Standard Charges and Optional Costs. These additional costs will be added to the tuition account as and when incurred, and are payable to the school on a monthly basis on presentation of the monthly statement. If no statement is received, the onus rests on the parents to enquire with the Accounts Department about the amount due.


Annual Tuition

Annual Tuition

Tuition per Month

If Full payment is

If Full payment is

Tuition per

(the amounts as


received in Advance

received in Advance

specified will only



on or before

on or before

apply when enrolled

10 December 2018

31 January 2019

from January)


Grade 0

65 880

61 927

62 586

21 960

6 588

Grade 1

80 100

75 294

76 095

26 700

8 010

Grade 2

80 100

75 294

76 095

26 700

8 010

Grade 3

80 100

75 294

76 095

26 700

8 010

Grade 4

89 100

83 754

84 645

29 700

8 910

Grade 5

89 100

83 754

84 645

29 700

8 910

Grade 6

89 100

83 754

84 645

29 700

8 910

Grade 7

102 630

96 472

97 499

34 210

10 263


Grade 8

118 590

111 475

112 661

39 530

11 859

Grade 9

118 590

111 475

112 661

39 530

11 859

Grade 10

128 970

121 232

122 522

42 990

12 897

Grade 11

128 970

121 232

122 522

42 990

12 897

Grade 12

128 970

121 232

122 522

42 990

12 897


Grade 5 – 7

97 200

91 368

92 340

32 400

9 720

Grade 8 – 12

107 190

100 759

101 831

35 730

10 719

The following terms apply to payment options:

1.In terms of your contract with the school, fees are due and payable termly and the relevant amount is payable on the first day of each term. St Mary’s DSG Fees

2.St Mary’s DSG reserves the right to restrict admission of any student in respect of whom monies due to the school are outstanding.

3.The annual fee may be paid in 10 equal instalments.

The monthly payment option is only available to South African Identity Document holders and only to parents who sign a debit order; no EFT payments will be accepted for monthly instalments. If any debit order is returned as unpaid, this option will no longer be available to the particular parents and all school fees will revert to being payable termly in advance. St Mary’s DSG Fees

The first payment from the debit order will fall due on either the 15th of January or 25th of January or the 1st of February 2019.

4.The following sibling discounts apply:

First child

Full fees

Second child

Full fees

Third child

Full fees, less 5% for third child

Fourth child

Full fees, less 5% for fourth child

5.A full term’s notice of withdrawal of a pupil from the school is required in writing, on the first day of term, or fees in lieu of notice will be charged for the following term. This does not apply to the final term of Grade 12 pupils, but does apply at any other time, including the final term of Grade 7.

6.An account will be deemed to be in arrears (if the full amount due, as per statement, has not been paid on due date) and interest will be charged at prevailing bank rates. St Mary’s DSG Fees


PARENTS’ ASSOCIATION: An amount of R160 per term to be charged per family at the beginning of each term.

JUNIOR SCHOOL STATIONERY: An amount will be charged to the school account at the beginning of the year. This amount will range from R480 to R1,300 per year depending on the grade and stationery needed per grade.

ANNUAL CAMP: Charges will depend on the nature of the camp and will be charged as these camps occur.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: The bank charges for all payments received by the School from banking institutes outside the Republic of South Africa will be charged to the individual pupil’s account.


Dependent on additional options chosen by you and your daughter, extras will be charged to your account as they occur and are payable at the end of each month or preferably included in the annual payments:

Please note, that once an account has fallen into arrears with amounts owing 30 days or older, the school will not allow any additional charges to the school account.


Information regarding the Foundation is available from the school secretaries or the accounts office.

R300 voluntary donation per learner per term.

DAYGIRL LUNCHES – R 1,790.00 per term

Please note that lunches are charged per term, not on a daily or weekly basis.


A penalty charge of R200 per hour or part thereof will be payable for any time spent after the official hours.

Official Hours 12h30 – 18h00.


Temporary boarding to daygirls, subject to availability, is offered at the cost of R600.00 per night. Temporary boarding in Junior School will only be available, subject to availability, to day scholars from Grade 4 to Grade 7.


All pupils are covered for school-related medical emergencies. Fee Remission Insurance is an optional insurance and is charged as requested at the beginning of each term. Application forms will be available upon request from the respective Admissions Secretaries.


Extra Mural Music Tuition Fees are charged per instrument per month for nine months. A full term’s notice of withdrawal is required in writing or fees will be payable for the following term.

The charges for extra mural music for 2019 are:

½ hour practical lesson per week



per month

¾ hour practical lesson per week



per month

1 hour practical lesson per week

R 1,750

per month

1 music theory lesson per week



per month


These charges include hire of musical equipment, music books, transport for boarders, lost library books, stationery, etc.

OLD GIRL SUBSCRIPTION – GRADE 12 ONLY R450 for life-long membership.




An amount of R300.00 per application is payable.


Upon acceptance of a pupil, a non refundable Enrolment Fee is payable before a pupil may be admitted to the school and Boarding Facility. The non refundable Enrolment Fee is NOT part of the tuition and/or boarding fee.

The Enrolment Fee is currently set at:

Enrolment 2018

Enrolment 2019

Enrolment 2023

Grade 0




Grade 1 to Grade 6




Grade 7




Grade 8








If a girl enters St Mary’s DSG in Grade 9, 10 or 11, for the first time, a payment of the non refundable Enrolment fee would only be required according to the following % per grade to be entered:

Grade 9

80 %

Grade 10

60 %

Grade 11

40 %

Grade 12 day girls who wish to enter the boarding facility, for their final year of school, are required to pay 20% of the non refundable boarding enrolment fee.

To signify acceptance of a place offered at St Mary’s DSG, parents will be required to pay a minimum of 50% of the non refundable Enrolment Fee by June 30th of the previous year. The balance thereof must be paid by August 31st in the year prior to entering. Parents are, however, encouraged to pay the full amount by June 30th where possible.



Branch, Code: 011545, Acc No: 011 974 281.

It is important that a copy of the deposit slip/proof of payment be faxed to (012) 362 1080 with relevant learner details. Alternatively proof of payment may be emailed to:

Senior School: or

Junior School:

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