Waterberg Academy Fees 2021-2022

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Waterberg Academy Fees 2021-2022

Waterberg Academy Fees 2021-2022 – see details below…

Fee Structure

New Enrolment / Administration Fee (payable on application)

All new applications are to be accompanied by a once off R500 non-refundable Application to Register Fee to cover administration costs.

Entrance Fees

If an application for admission is successful, a letter offering a placement will be made. Acceptance of this offer must be signed and returned within 14 days of the offer of placement being made together with a once-off non-refundable Desk Fee for tuition and a  once off non-refundable Bed Fee for the boarding house, if applicable. Waterberg Academy Fees

In addition, a refundable Non-Resident Fee of R5 000 will be payable in respect of a boarder resident outside of South Africa. This fee will be refunded, without interest, when the Child leaves the School, subject to all fees incurred at the time having been fully paid. Waterberg Academy Fees

Kindly note that placements will only be ensured on receipt of signed acceptance and proof of payment for the Desk Fee and/or Bed Fee within the 14-day period.

 GRADE ANNUAL GRADE FEE 4 x Termly Payments
Jan; April; July; Oct
6% Reduction for Annual Fees Payment before15th December 2018 3% Reduction for 2 x Bi-Annual Payments before
 7th January 2019
7th July 2019
 11 x Monthly Payments before 7thday of month
00 00-00
(1 – 3 days a week)
R16 385 R4 096 R15 402 R 7 701 R1 504
00 00-00
(4 – 5 days a week)
R24 606 R 6 152 R23 130 R11 565  R 2 259
R R36 127 R  9 032 R33 959 R16 980 R 3 317
1 R47 318 R11 830 R44 479 R22 239 R 4 345
2 R47 318 R11 830 R44 479 R22  239 R 4 345
3 R47 318 R11 830 R44 479 R22 239 R 4 345
4 R50 451 R12 613 R47 424 R23 712 R 4 632
5 R50 451 R12 613 R47 424 R23 712 R 4 632
6 R51 050 R12 763 R47 987 R23 994 R 4 687
7 R51 050 R12 763 R47 987 R23 994 R 4 687
8 R73 782 R18 446 R69 355 R34 678 R 6 775
9 R77 867 R19 467 R73 195 R36 597 R 7 150
10 R80 807 R20 202 R 75 959 R37 979 R 7 420
11 R80 807 R20 202 R75 959 R37 979 R7 420
12 R90 673 R22 668 R85 233 R42 616 R9 067 (10 MONTHS)

N.B. *Grade 12 Tuition Fees are payable in full before 7th October 2019  (Monthly Tuition Option Jan. – Oct.)


Supervision in the form of a Waiting Class will be provided for siblings with elder pupils participating in extra mural activities on Tuesdays and Thursdays only.

*Pre-Primary pupils (Grade 00 00 to Grade 0) will be offered a Full Day Care Facility with lunch included (after school hours), as a privately run service during term time at an additional charge by a competent Aftercare supervisor.

Desk and Bed Fees (only payable for new scholars at the Academy or for those who have been absent for a year)

Non-Refundable Desk Fee: R5 000 (Grade 0 – Grade 12)

Non-Refundable Bed Fee: R5 000 (Boarders Only)

Non South African Resident Boarders only: Refundable Non-SA Resident Fee: R5 000

Re-Enrolment Fees (payable in January annually for existing scholars at the Academy)

  • School re-enrolment– R200 (non-refundable)
  • Hostel re-enrolment – R200 (non-refundable)

Sibling Discount on Boarding Fees

First Child Pays 100%; Second Child pays 70%; Third Child pays 50%

ADDITIONAL CHARGES purchased outright, with prices available from teachers.

Grades 00 – 3: R80 monthly Levy for alternative activities. Invoiced annually @ R880.00

Grades   4 – 7: R200 Book Rental per year. (Excludes Work Books and Study Guides).

Grades   4 – 12: R50 monthly I.T. Levy (for computers and the continual development of I.T.) Invoiced annually @ R550.00

Grades   4 – 12: WBA Custom School Homework Diary R80

Grades   8 – 9: An annual hire fee of R200-00 for text books

Grades 10 – 12: An annual hire fee of R200-00 for general subject text books.  For specialist choice subjects, books are to be purchased outright, with prices available from teachers

Grades 8 – 12:      Walton’s Stationery Pack (pre-packed contents stipulated by teachers): Optional.R500 billed to pupil’s account
A pack is issued to each pupil on the first day of the first term

Archery Participants: An annual once of charge of R600 per Archer to cover the cost of NASP membership (R200) usage and maintenance of the equipment

N.B. All textbooks must be covered within the first week of school. The Responsible Party (parent, guardian etc.) will be charged the full replacement cost of any books that are not returned or which are returned in an unusable state. Waterberg Academy Fees


The following charges are included in the school fees and shall not be charged separately:-

Walton’s pre-packed stationery packs (Grades 00 – 7):  a pack designed according to the teacher’s requirements and paid for by the school will be issued to each pupil on the first day of term.

Book Fee: for workbooks and/or textbooks other than those covered by rental fee.

Functions Fund: to cover costs of the catering at all functions and sporting events.

Boarding Levy and Laundry: for the improvement of the boarding facilities and weekly laundry.

I.E.B. Examination Fee: for Grade 12 /Matric pupils only.

In addition to official School activities, the School organises camps, excursions, sports events and other activities, the costs of which are not covered by school fees; these additional activities also need to be paid for in advance. The Responsible Party agrees to these costs, and will be advised of them via specific letters on the D6 Parent Communicator and/or general newsletters, communicating the reason for these activities. The School reserves the right to debit the pupil’s account with these additional charges. Fee accounts must be up to date before the pupil is allowed to participate in extra cost activities. Fees do not include uniforms, tours and excursions, other individually required stationery items or extramural activities other than compulsory sport.


“The Board shall be given “one full term’s written notice” of termination of enrolment of a Child, failing which the full amount of the following term’s fees shall immediately become due and payable. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE ALLOWED”.

Parents will be held liable for all legal costs pertaining to unpaid school fees and shall be listed with TransUnion Credit Bureau in the event of non-payment of fees.


First National Bank

Waterberg Academy

Branch Code: 260247

Account Number: 620 438 22445


Reference: Account Number and Surname (e.g. SCHO1)

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