Krugersdorp High School Uniform

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Krugersdorp High School Uniform

Krugersdorp High School Uniform – see details below…

KHS Dress Code

Learners are expected to wear the official school uniform and appear neat and tidy at all times.

No additions to the uniform that are not in accordance with the regulations will be allowed (e.g. beanies). During events that allow the wearing of casual wear, learners should wear neat, presentable clothes. Beachwear, tight-fitting clothes, clothes that are see-through and/or too revealing are not allowed. Hair, shoes and accessories should be neat at all times.

Only learners who have applied, submitted relevant supporting documents and received the necessary permission from the School Governing Body, may deviate from official school uniform for religious, cultural and health reasons as contemplated in Part 1 paragraph 1 of this Code of Conduct.

Girls Uniform

  • Black lace up / bar shoes
  • White school socks
  • Navy skirt :
    • not tapered
    • length 6cm from floor front and back, when kneeling
  • Plain white long/short sleeved shirts
  • School tie knotted so that tip touches waist band of skirts/trousers
  • School jersey
  • School blazer
  • School caps / peaks (optional)
  • Grey flannel ladies’ trousers:
    • not tapered
    • not shortened
    • no zips
    • grey belt
    • grey school socks
  • Tracksuit tops UNDER blazer only in the WINTER.
  • WINTER : school scarves, navy gloves. No beanies / ear muff


  • Clean neat hair. Natural colour
  • If it touches shoulders, must be tied up : low, high ponytails, pigtails
  • Navy, black or white ribbon / headbands
  • No hair jewellery at all
  • No head scarves / headache bands
  • Buns or Bollas to back of head – watch size
  • Afro must be styled and neat


  • Wrist watch
  • Medic-alert bracelet / chains
  • Earrings ONLY silver or gold studs / sleepers : 1 earring per ear
  • No beads / bangles / rubber or leather wrist bands
  • NO other visible piercings, covered or uncovered


  • No face / eye makeup EXCEPT a base to cover bad skin
  • ONLY colourless, clear nail polish
  • Nails neat, clean and no claws

Boys’ Uniform

  • Black lace up shoes
  • Grey school socks
  • Grey flannel trousers
    • may not be tapered
    • may not be shortened
    • no zips in pockets or legs
  • Trousers are too narrow if the learners cannot sit cross-legged comfortably
  • Plain white long / short-sleeved shirts
  • Grey or black plain buckled belts
  • School tie knotted so that bottom of the tie touches the belt
  • School jersey
  • School blazer
  • School caps / peaks (optional)
  • WINTER: school scarves, navy gloves. Track suit tops UNDER blazers. No beanies / ear muffs


  • Hair must be clean and neat
  • NATURAL coloured hair:
    • no bleach
    • no highlights
  • The comb-over style : length of the comb-over may NOT touch the ears
  • Braids must be against the head : no tails
  • Dreadlocks must be properly styled against the head
  • No ponytail
  • No close side and back shave with wild untidy tops


  • Wrist watch
  • Medic-alert bracelet / chains
  • No beads, rubber / leather bangles
  • No visible piercings covered / uncovered


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