Scottburgh High School Uniform

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Scottburgh High School Uniform

Scottburgh High School Uniform – see details below…


Learners are required to wear full school uniform to and from school. After sports practices and matches learners may leave in sports kit if they are being collected by parents inside the school grounds.



Black school shoes
Grey school socks
Official white school shirt with badge on pocket
Black belt with plain buckle must be worn
Grey slacks or grey shorts
(No tie is necessary)


Plain white shirt with button-up collar-
Long grey flannels
Black belt with plain buckle
School Tie
Grey school socks
Black school shoes
School blazer – black with school badge



School blue 4 paneled skirt, no more than 5cm above the knee when kneeling
Official school short-sleeved white blouse, with braiding, open collar and school badge on the pocket
White ankle length socks
Black school shoes


School blue 4 paneled skirt as above
Plain white shirt with button-up collar
School tie
White ankle length socks, black school shoes
School blazer-black with school badge

Girls may wear grey slacks provided these are tailored slacks and not just boys’ trousers.  Grey socks must be worn with grey slacks.  This option is an alternative to the official winter uniform on cold days.  Please note that grey slacks may not be worn for any formal function.


It is compulsory for all learners to wear their blazers every morning to school in winter.  Blazers may be removed at 1st Registration, but must be worn again in the afternoon to go home.  Blazers must be worn to assembly in the winter.


Plain black lace-up for boys or regulation school shoes for girls – no suede or slip-ons, no Doc Martin type shoes nor sport or running shoes may be worn.


When correctly done up, the school ties should show a minimum of 7 stripes from the knot down. On the Matric tie, the Strelitzia should be just below the knot.


Black jerseys may be worn under the blazer outside the school but can be worn without the blazer at school in winter.  Black sleeveless or long sleeved V-neck jerseys are permitted but must be plain stocking stitch and no other pattern. White jerseys may only be worn by learners who wear the honour’s blazer.  1st team white jerseys may only be worn by learners who have represented the first team of any sport discipline.


There is no longer an official school anorak.  However, on rainy days pupils are permitted to wear black or dark grey anoraks or raincoats.


Tracksuit tops may be used during school as a jersey and may be worn under the blazer in winter. With the summer uniform it may be worn as an outer garment. The full tracksuit should be worn to and from extramural activities

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