Hoerskool Noordheuwel Application Form 2023

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Hoerskool Noordheuwel Application Form 2023

Hoerskool Noordheuwel Application Form – Hoerskool Noordheuwel has opened its admission for 2023 academic year intake… see details below to apply.

Hoerskool Noordheuwel Application ENTRY

The Department of Education’s online registrations for prospective Grade 8s for 2023 open on May 13, 2019 and close on July 15, 2019. Application for admission ‘documentation available at school or on the website can be completed and serves as additional information to the official online registration.Applications for admission can only be valid if a Departmental online registration number (‘WA’ number) has been allocated and it has been entered on the enrollment form. Copies of the learner’s birth certificate, both parents’ IDs, proof of address and last report must also accompany the application for admission.

Hoerskool Noordheuwel ADMISSION


  • Admission is strictly subject to the availability of usable accommodation and staff as determined by the education policy.
  • Acceptance of the ethos of the school is compulsory.

PROCEDUREProspective students complete an application form. Preference is given to pupils within our feeding area. The execution of this is delegated to the principal. The governing body may periodically review and amend the admission requirements as the need arises.

BUSINESS BY PARENTS AND PUPILSWhen enrolling in this institution, parents and pupils undertake to accept the admission requirements and obligations it entails. It involves the following:

  • Afrikaans is the language of instruction.
  • Bible-based teaching takes place.
  • Evidence must be provided of academic achievements at previous institution.
  • Authority and discipline of the principal and teachers must be accepted.
  • All rules and regulations of the school must be respected and complied with.
  • Tuition fees must be paid as prescribed by the governing body unless otherwise agreed with the institution.
  • An ongoing admission of a learner who would be guilty of misconduct or disobedience to the discipline of this institution.
  • Parents, guardians and pupils agree contractually to enforce the school’s policy document on alcohol and drug use / abuse.This entails, among other things, that a pupil can undergo urine testing on an ad hoc basis (costs for parents / guardians’ account). Policy available on request in administrative office.

ENROLLMENT AND SCHOOL FEESThe monthly school fees and payment options are available under Finance .

Hoerskool Noordheuwel NORIES ROADSHOW 2019

Choosing a high school is one of the most important decisions to make. Nories visit all the primary schools in our feeding area annually with the well-known Norie Road Show. The Norie Roadshow will take place this year on 20 and 21 February when Gr11 Norie representatives will visit the surrounding primary schools. Norie Open Day is March 6, 2019. Watch this space for more information ..

Hoerskool Noordheuwel GR 8 ENABLING PROGRAM

No “initiation” takes place. A pre-planned enrollment program will be conducted by the gr. 8 learners followed.This program aims to socialize the new learners and familiarize them with the school system. It concludes with a Grade 8 concert production that parents can attend. In October / November, prospective Grade 8 learners will receive a packing package that will provide them with the necessary information. At Nories we want our grade to welcome all Grade 8’s! Every year we have a specific theme and this year they are the Dobbertjes. At that stage they are floating and “helpless” but here at Nories they are going to learn to swim. Everyone will find his / her place with time and become part of Nories.

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