Westville Boys High School Subjects Offered

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Westville Boys High School Subjects Offered

Westville Boys High School Subjects Offered – see the list of courses offered at Westville Boys High School…

– Grade 10-12 Subjects (Further Education and Training phase) –

In the third term all Grade 9 pupils – in consultation with their parents and the School – must select a course of study comprising 7 subjects.

Subject choices made in Grade 9 should be about choosing subjects according to academic strengths and interests while keeping options open for sound and informed tertiary study. Subjects should be chosen to ensure a good all-round education, for growth, development and a future of ongoing learning. Subject choices should not be solely about future careers, although the process is obviously connected to later study and career choice.

At WBHS, every learner’s package must include:

  • English Home Language
  • A First Additional Language (this could be either Afrikaans or isiZulu)
  • Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy (see “Notes”)
  • Life Orientation (see “Notes”)
  • Physical Science (see “Notes”)

In addition, pupils must choose any two other subjects from the following list:

  • Accounting
  • Dramatic Arts (formerly Drama)
  • Engineering Graphics & Design (formerly Technical Drawing)
  • Geography
  • History
  • Life Sciences (formerly Biology)
  • Visual Arts (formerly Art)

There can be no guarantee that a course requested will be automatically granted, places are awarded on academic merit. Pupils and parents will receive thorough counselling to assist them make the correct choice.

Subjects from this list will be offered only if:

  • There is sufficient demand to constitute a viable class (at least 25 pupils)
  • The requisite staff are available &  the subject combination can be accommodated in the timetable

Pupils may also choose to study an eighth or ninth subject, provided that they can secure the services of a registered practitioner. The cost of any additional subject(s) offered for the National Senior Certificate (Matric) will be borne by the parents of that pupil.

Additional subjects may be chosen from the following list:

  • An approved Additional Language
  • Computer Applications Technology
  • Information Technology


This is essentially an exploratory phase incorporating the following subjects in Grades 8 and/or 9:

Subjects Assessed

Language, Literacy and Communication
Natural Sciences
Social Sciences
Economic and Management Sciences
Arts and Culture
Life Orientation

(English Home language)
(Additional Language: Afrikaans)
(Additional Language: isiZulu)

(General Science)
(Speech & Drama)
(Design Technology)
(Counselling in Personal Development & Health)
(Social Development & Religious Education)
(Physical Development & Sport)

Subjects not assessed


 (Computer Literacy)

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