West Rand School Krugersdorp Application Form

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West Rand School Krugersdorp Application Form 2023

West Rand School Krugersdorp Application Form – see details below to apply…

Before you proceed to application, click on the links below for information:

West Rand School is a remedial primary school for learners who are experiencing specific learning barriers. These learners follow the main stream syllabus with assistance. Physically disabled learners who have the potential to progress scholastically are also considered for these classes (7 – 15 years of age).

Slow learners who are not able to progress in the main stream syllabus will not be referred to this school, as they are better placed in a special class in a mainstream school.

The placement is decided by the District Office of the Department of Education, dependent on formal documents submitted to them by the referring schools (grades 1 – 7).

We regret that our school does not test learners in these grades.

West Rand School also admits learners (3 – 6 years of age) with physical disabilities. We do screenings for placement in our Nursery and Grade R classes, but the appointment is dependent on medical reports provided by the parents.

There are some exceptions to the above criteria as we have classes which address specific disabilities. However, placement is always dependent on suitable medical support reports, as well as approval by the Department of Education.

Procedure for referral to West Rand School (for learners already enrolled in a school):

The Parent/Guardian must provide the referring school with:

  • Learner’s Birth Certificate
  • Road to Health card/clinic card
  • Proof of residence
  • Parents ID
  • All medical reports which support the application

The referring school will submit these documents together with official SNA referral documents to the Department of Education.

West Rand School may not accept any documentation from the referring school or parent/guardian.


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