St Johns DSG Application Form 2023

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St Johns DSG Application Form 2023

St Johns DSG Application Form 2023 – see details below to apply…


To start the application process with St John’s D.S.G., please download the application form via the “Application Form” button below OR complete the online application form via the “Online Admissions” button.

Before you proceed with application, click on the links below for information first:

Once all necessary documentation has been received, the school will contact you to arrange an assessment and/or interview with either the Headmistress of the Junior School or the Principal of the Senior School, depending what grade is being applied for.

Deadlines for applications are:

  • Junior School: Applications for Grades RR, R & 1, 2023 are now closed.
  • Senior School: Grade 8, 2023.

Late applications for the above grades will still be accepted and we will do our best to accommodate you. There is no deadline for applications of other grades within the Junior and Senior School; however places will be space dependant within the grade being applied for. Please don’t hesitate to contact the Junior School or Senior School respectively for any enquiries.

All applications for the Junior School will be assessed. The Assessment Day for all applications for Grades RR & R will be in the form of a relaxed one-on-one interview between the applicant and the current foundation phase teacher within a caring and friendly environment. For those girls applying for a place in Grades 1 – 3, an individual assessment will be conducted and for those applying for Grades 4 – 7, an entrance test will be required. We are happy to consider applications for the Junior School at any stage of the year, subject to places being available.

All girls applying for the Senior School will be required to sit an entrance examination before a place at the school is offered. The entrance examination consists of two papers:

  • English – The English paper for each age group is 70 minutes in length. It is a standardised test assessing vocabulary, punctuation, spelling and comprehension.
  • Mathematics – The Mathematics paper is 1 hour long and questions will tests students’ basic mathematical knowledge, problem solving abilities, as well as their ability to apply their knowledge into scenarios they may not have encountered before.

The entrance examination for all Grade 8, 2023 applications will take place on 2023. Girls and their parents/guardians will also be invited to attend an interview with the Principal, Mr Simon Moore, before the deadline. For those girls applying for a place in Grades 9-12 the entrance exam and interview will be conducted at the time of application, should there be space available for the grade being applied for.


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