Selborne College Subjects Offered

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Selborne College Subjects Offered

Selborne College Subjects Offered | See the list of courses offered at Selborne College.

Grade 8 and Grade 9


Afrikaans or IsiXhosa


Natural Sciences (Physical Science and Life Science) (NS)

Social Sciences (History and Geography) (SS)

Life Orientation (LO)

Economic Management Science (EMS)


Creative Arts

Computers (Grade 8 Only)

Gym and Sport Lessons

Grade 10

In each students Grade 9 year, they must decide on what subjects they will do from Grade 10 through to Grade 12. Everyone will have to do English (Home Language) as the language of instruction and Life Orientation. A choice of the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh subjects are made by choosing ONE from each of the FIVE groupings below:

First Set:                    IsiXhosa (additional language) or Afrikaans (additional language)

Second Set:                Mathematical Literacy or Mathematics

Third Set:                   Physical Sciences or Geography or Computer Applications Technology

Fourth Set:                 Life Sciences or History or Geography or Information Technology

Fifth Set:                     Accounting or Engineering Graphics and Design or Life Sciences or Business Studies or Music

Please Note:              Music or Visual Art may be taken in 3rd, 4th or 5th set.

s                                       Physical Science and Accounting may only be taken if doing Mathematics.

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