Deutsche Schule Hermannsburg Subjects Offered

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Deutsche Schule Hermannsburg Subjects Offered

Deutsche Schule Hermannsburg Subjects Offered – see the list of courses offered at Deutsche Schule Hermannsburg…

A scholar’s High School career starts in grade 8 at Hermannsburg. Certain subjects are semesterised, with summative examinations in June, in order to cover the work more effectively – this has found favour with teachers, scholars and parents. With the end of grade 9 comes the end of the Senior Phase, and subject choices are made. The subjects offered include Accounting, Business Studies, Geography, History, Life Science, Music, Physical Science & Visual Art. German is offered at either Home Language or Second Additional Language level.

In grade 10, scholars start the Further Education & Training (FET) phase. For this phase they must choose a minimum of seven subjects at the end of grade 9, which they will pursue to matriculation at the end of grade 12. English Home Language, a First additional Language (Afrikaans or isiZulu), Life Orientation and either Maths or Maths Literacy are then compulsory. Hermannsburg is committed to preparing all for completing their grade 12 year successfully, ending with the IEB NSC examinations.

The IEB has been chosen as it prepares scholars to think independently to a greater extent than many other exit assessments. The research, critical thinking and creative thinking approaches used by the IEB, in conjunction with its international benchmarking set it apart as the best combination of local and international NSC option. Results show that IEB scholars are better prepared for the National Benchmarking Tests and have a better throughput at tertiary levels.

Depending on the choices made, our scholars are also offered the opportunity to obtain the internationally recognised German Language Diploma (Deutsche Sprachdiplom – DSD), as well as to take Advanced Programme English (soon we plan to introduce AP Mathematics and AP Physics too), which helps to open doors at universities in Germany and further abroad.

The High School has a well-stocked library, modern computer center, science laboratories and dedicated music facilities, and art classroom, nestled around the quadrangle. Classrooms are fitted with necessary audio-visual equipment and Internet access is available throughout the school buildings.

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