St Benedict School Subjects Offered

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St Benedict School Subjects Offered

St Benedict School Subjects Offered – see the list of courses offered at St Benedict School…


The High School phase caters for pupils from Grade 8 to 12. The school is a member of ISASA and as such write the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) examinations in Matric.

As a small school, with classes of twenty on average in the classroom, innovative and dedicated SBS teachers are committed to striving for academic excellence in a wide range of subjects on offer. In the language faculty English is the language of instruction and home language subject with both Afrikaans and IsiZulu being offered as first additional languages. Specialised subjects such as Dramatic Art, Visual Art, Information Technology and Engineering, Graphics and
Design are offered alongside the more traditional subjects like Mathematics, Sciences, Commercial subjects and Life Orientation (which includes Religious Education).

The Catholic ethos of the school is encompassed within the school day with Full school and Grade mass being celebrated. A culture of care and empathy is encouraged amongst the pupils and between staff and pupils. The spiritual growth of each member of our SBS community is of utmost importance. Our peer mentors are a team chosen specifically to assist pupils should they need any form of help or simply an ear to voice a concern or burden. The family atmosphere is thus encouraged and implemented through interaction across all phases within the school. A real responsibility for our broader community and the environment is also fostered through our community lessons and numerous outreach projects and the High School has an active Enviro club.

Our high school pupils are encouraged to participate in both sporting and cultural opportunities on offer at the school. Sports such as swimming cricket, basketball, netball, softball, volleyball, touch rugby and soccer are provided. Again, because the school is small, we encourage pupils to participate, not just for competitive purposes, but to instill a healthy lifestyle for our future adults. This is where we notice the tenacity and determination of our students. The cultural programme is diverse by offering drama productions, Toastmasters, choir, forum discussion and art club to students at the school.

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