Pretoria High School for Girls Application Form 2023

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Pretoria High School for Girls Application Form 2023

Pretoria High School for Girls Application Form 2023 – see details below to apply…

Admission to the school is strictly according to the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) regulations.



2023 Applications

Please keep an eye out for the 2023 applications which will open on May 2020. The website for registering and applying in the Gauteng Province is

Before you proceed to application, click on the links below for information:

Pretoria High School for Girls Fees

Pretoria High School for Girls Contacts

Pretoria High School for Girls Subjects Offered


Applications Procedure

  • Apply online. You will receive a reference number and an sms.

  • Collect/download information forms from Pretoria High School for Girls. These will become available the announced date.

  • Supporting documents to be returned with information forms within 7 days of online application.

Required Documents

  1. A certified copy of your daughter’s unabridged (full) birth certificate (computer generated certificate from the Department of Home Affairs). If not available, proof of application should be provided along with a certified copy of an abridged birth certificate;

  2. A certified copy of your daughter’s previous year end report showing both her name and the school name;

  3. A certified copy of your daughter’s 2019 Term 1 report showing both her name and the school name;

  4. One recent ID photograph of your daughter;

  5. Certified copies of both parents’/legal guardians’ RSA identity documents; certified copies of death certificate/s should a parent or both parents be deceased; certified copies of passports as well as work permits of parents that are Foreign Nationals.

  6. In case of legal guardianship adoption, copies of legal documents produced by the courts (court orders) are required which, amongst others, includes a certified copy of appointment from the Master of the Court to act as legal guardian/s;

  7. A certified copy of both sides of the Medical Aid Card and one copy of the ID or passport of the main member of the scheme;

  8. Proof of the permanent residential address of both parents as well as the learner and/or legal guardian (only a valid government/parastatal or body corporate utility bill and/ or lease agreement will be accepted) in the parents/legal guardians name; or a certified copy of the lease agreement;

  9. Immigrants must submit certified copies of both parents’ passports, permanent residence and/or relevant study, residence or work permits as well as any other related permits; in the event of Diplomats, Diplomats are to submit passports and Diplomatic identities;

  10. A letter of employment for each parent/legal guardian confirming employment, on an original company letterhead. The letter must – be stamped by the Employer and the signature of the Employer affixed over the stamp; – contain confirmation as to if the parent is employed indefinitely or for a fixed term period; – confirm the parent/legal guardian’s work address as well as work contact number. Pretoria High School for Girls Application Form


Now Open for ALL Grades

Please note that Boarding Applications for Grade 8 to 11 are currently open.

Grade 8 learners wishing to apply for Boarding in 2023 will still be required to complete the online application from May – July 2020.

The BOARDING INFORMATION FORM is available for those wishing to apply

Step by Step Online User Guide


The GDE has made some changes to their online platform as well as some very important changes to the admissions criteria.

Admissions criteria in order of preference:

  1. Home address closest to the school within the feeder zone

    • Applicants living in the feeder area will receive a WA1 waiting list number

  2. Sibling at school

    • Applicants NOT living in the feeder area, but with a sibling currently at the school, will receive a WA2 waiting list number

  3. Work address in feeder zone

    • Applicants NOT living in the feeder area, but working in the feeder area, will receive a WA3waiting list number

  4. Home address within 30km

    • Applicants that do not live or work in the feeder are but are less than 30km from the school will receive a WA4 waiting list number

  5. Home address is beyond 30km of the school

    • Applicants that do not live or work in the feeder are but are more than 30km from the school will receive a WB waiting list number

    • WB will apply to many who have applied for boarding. Only successful boarding applicants will be admitted.

Preference will be given to WA list applicants (with the exception of successful boarding applicants with WB numbers). IMPORTANT: Only once all the WA1 applicants have been placed, and if there is still available space at the school, will the GDE consider WA2 applicants. Please see the flow chart below:

Regretfully there may not be availability for all WA1 learners as Pretoria High School for Girls is a high-pressure school receiving 6 times more applicants than what the school is able to accommodate. Pretoria High School for Girls Application Form

Heading 6


Is the Admissions Online application system available for applications to ALL Grades?

No. Parents may apply online for Grade 1 and Grade 8 ONLY. Learners in Grade 2-7 and 9 -12 will be re-enrolled at their current schools.

Note that the Department does not encourage parents to move learners form one school to the other as majority of school are full in all grades.

Can the parent register and apply for more than one child at the same time?

Yes. The system allows a parent to register and apply for more than one child at the same time.

Can I apply for my TWIN children to go to the same school?

Yes. You may apply on the same form for your Twins or Triplets.

How many times can I apply for my child or children?

A parent may make a maximum of 5 applications to five (5) different schools per learner.

Will I be able to register and apply at the same time?

Yes, the System allows for the parent to register and apply at the same time.

May I provide my friend’s cell phone number when I register my details on the system?

NO. It is very important for parents to provide their OWN, valid and reliable cell phone numbers as the Department will be sending SMS messages about the application to the parent.

Should you provide someone else cellphone number, you will be responsible to ensure that that person provides you with all information sent by the Department.

What SMS messages will I be receiving on the cell phone number that I register on the system?

The following information will be sent to the cell phone number registered on the System: Username and Password; Waiting list Number; Reminder to submit Documents; Offer of placement and Final Placement at a school. Pretoria High School for Girls Application Form

What should I do if I have changed my cell phone number?

Parents will be allowed to edit their cell phone numbers on the System.

Will I be allowed to edit and change any other information after submitting my application?

No. No other information may be edited after the application is submitted.

How will I know if the school that I applied at has received my application?

The system will automatically send an SMS confirming that you have made an application.

Will I be allowed to apply without an ID Document?

No. ALL Applicants must apply for ID Documents at the Department of Home Affairs. If the applicant has no ID Document, the parent must obtain proof of application from the Department of Home Affairs.

Will the system be able to detect if the ID or Passport number is valid?

Yes, all Admissions Online Applications are linked to the Department of Home affairs for validation of ID numbers.

What will happen to parents/applicants who submit falsified/invalid documents?

Any falsified or incorrect information may result in the application being rejected or disqualified.

Can I submit documents only to ONE school?

Only if you applied to one school only. Parents must submit documents to all the schools applied to.

How much time do I have to submit Documents?

All documents must be submitted within 7 days of making the application.

Will applicants who have applied and submitted only some documents or have not submitted any documents at school be allowed to submit?

Yes. Parents who have not submitted documents will receive a maximum of two (2) reminders or be disqualified.

Is the Department using school’s Feeder Zones for placement?

Yes. Applicant learners will be placed at the school closest to the Home address within the School Feeder Zone up to the capacity of the school.

Can I apply to a School with Boarding Facilities?

Parents may apply to all schools available on the system, however, if you would like you child to be accommodated in the school’s boarding facilities, please go to the school directly.

Will the Online Application allow a parent to apply at a school of his/her choice?

Parents may apply to any school based on the Admissions Criteria. The following options are available for parents to use when applying: Home Address; Sibling, Work Address; within 30km radius; beyond 30km radius.

When will I receive an offer of placement?

Parents should expect offers of placement from 27 August 2019 to 30 October 2019.

What happens if a parent does not confirm the offer of placement?

If the offer of placement is not confirmed within 7 days, the learner will automatically be placed at the school that made the offer.

Will a parent receive an offer of placement from ALL the schools that he/ she applied to?

No. The parent will receive an offer of placement from the school closest to the parent’s home address that is within the feeder zone based on availability of space.

Will a parent be allowed to accept more than ONE (1) offer of placement?

No. A learner can only be placed at ONE school.

What will happen if an applicant learner is not accepted at any of the 1 to 5 schools applied to?

The learner will be placed at a school with available space. Placement will be prioritised at a school closest to the parent’s home address where the learner resides.

What happens if I forget my username and password?

Logon to and click the login tab to reset the username and password.

Will a parent be able to delete his/her child’s application or an offer of placement that is already confirmed on the system?

No. Neither a submitted application nor a confirmed offer of placement can be deleted. If a parent no longer wants space at any public ordinary school in the Gauteng Province, he /she needs to state that in writing.

Will a parent be expected to place his/her Grade 8 child in a school closest to my home address that does not offer the Language of Learning and Teaching (LolT) that she did from Grade 1 to Grade 7?

No. The Department will make provision for such children to be accepted at the secondary school closest to his/her current primary school, where there is space available. Please remember to provide the correct current school when entering Learner Details.

All the schools that appear when I select HOME ADDRESS option are offering language(s) that I do not want my child to learn. What should I do?

For Grade 8 learners, the Department will manage placement of learners at the secondary school closest to their primary school where space is available. However, placement is prioritised at the school closest to the parent’s home address. Pretoria High School for Girls Application Form

I have relocated to another area before placement. How do I get placement based on my new address?

Please inform the Admissions Coordinator at the relevant District Office and submit proof of relocation (new residential address) as well as proof of residence of the address used during the application.

Will online applications of parents from other provinces who are applying in Gauteng be processed?

Yes. Applications are processed for national and international applicants. Placement is based on admission criteria.

Will I be able to submit documents electronically or must I do it manually?

Documents must be submitted manually (in hard copy) at each one of the schools applied to.

48. Where can I send my other questions to?

Kindly forward questions to

Call Centre on (011) 355 0000;

Toll free number 0800 000 789; or



Log a call on the Online Application System


These are to be directed to the Admissions Secretary, Mrs Silvana Shields

Telephone: 012 430 7341


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