Pretoria Boys High School Application Form 2023

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Pretoria Boys High School Application Form 2023

Pretoria Boys High School Application Form 2023 – see details below to apply…


Urgent message!

To apply for Grade 8 2023 as a dayboy, please ensure you make your application on the GDE’s website,

Before you proceed to application, click on the links below for information:

Pretoria Boys High School Contacts

Pretoria Boys High School Subjects Offered

Pretoria Boys High School Fees

Grade 8 2020 Form



Following communication from the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE), we can confirm that online applications for Grade 8 2020 learner admission will open on the opening date @ 8am and close on the deadline @ midnight. The application process will be as follows:

  1. From 8:00am on Monday 2020, go to the GDE Admissions website ( register as a parent AND select the closest school to where you live as this will be the ONLY option available to you at this point in the process.
  2. Thereafter you repeat this process 4 more times by clicking “Apply again”. NB!! Living within the zoning of a school will be given preference thereafter sibling and lastly work within the area.
  3. You will receive a waiting list number on completion of your successful application/s based on the criteria above.
  4. Download the “Supplementary Application Form” from our ( website after you have successfully applied on the GDE online system
  5. Complete and submit this form with all supporting documents to all the schools that you have applied at, as soon as possible but before the specified closing date. The following documents are required:
    • The completed Supplementary Application Form.
    • Copies of both biological parents’ ID documents (death certificate if a parent is deceased).
    • A copy of your son’s UNABRIDGED (full) birth certificate which reflects both biological parents details on it. (This may take 6-8 weeks from Home Affairs – please apply timeously. You may submit the receipt along with the application as well as his current birth certificate).
    • A copy of your son’s final Grade 6 report and/or Term 1 Grade 7 report.
    • Proof of permanent residential address which shall be in the form of a recent Water & lights account or your lease agreement (valid for a minimum period of 12 months) in the name of the parent or legal guardian of the applicant.
    • Immigrants must also submit copies of official proof of resident status as well as study permit documents; diplomats to submit copies of passports and diplomatic identities.


The application processes closes on the deadline. Thereafter you will receive offers made to you by the GDE at schools where your application was successful (SMS’s will be sent out by the GDE from the announced date). Parents are required to accept or reject offers online from the proposed date. If you have not received an offer from the GDE then your application was not successful at that particular school.

This is an external GDE system, therefore all queries must be directed to the GDE Helpline 0800 000 789, and NOT to the school.

This is the information we have been provided by the GDE. Should anything change, we will update this website accordingly.



Based inter alia on the number of educators, the school’s facilities and the choice of subjects offered at the school, the school shall admit no more than 1550 students at any time. Grade 8 classes shall be no bigger than 30 students per class.

The language of instruction at the school shall be English with the obvious exception of other languages offered as additional languages. It is in the best interests of the pupil that they are able to cope in an English medium environment.

Priority will be given to pupils whose parents/legal guardians (as recognised by SA law):

  • comply in full with the Admission Procedure, submitting all documentation on time, and
  • who permanently reside in the area for which the School is the nearest suitable school.

If space permits, following the application of these criteria, preference will be given to pupils who:

  • have specialised skills or talents that the school has the potential to develop, or
  • who have strong academic ability to be able to cope with the high standards expected at the school, or
  • are able to cope in a traditional boys school environment.

Preference will also be given to those who:

  • have siblings who are either at the school or who are Old Boys of the school, or
  • have a father who is an Old Boy of the school.


These are to be directed to the Admissions Secretary, Mrs Cathy Cameron

Telephone: 012 460 2246


The School Governing Body has resolved that the Headmaster will administer and decide on admission in accordance with the SGB admissions policy.

The Application Information Form must be completed in full and signed.

All Application Information Forms for dayboys for Grade 8 must be collected from the school and submitted along with required attaching documents within 7 working days of applying online.

Applications for other Grades shall reach the Admissions Secretary by the end of the third school term of each year (for admission to the School for the following year). Admission to Grades 9 – 11 shall only be considered should there be available space and if the applicant fulfils the requirements of the Admissions Policy which has been approved by the School Governing Body.

Residential address should be that of the parent or legal guardian. If the guardian is not the biological parent, proof of legal guardianship (as recognised by SA law), including a commitment to pay school fees, must accompany the application. The applicant must permanently reside at that address.


Boarder applicants: documentation may, on request to the Admissions Secretary, be obtained via email to

Day scholar applicants: documentation may be collected from the reception room in main building between 08h00 and 15h00, Monday to Friday during school terms.

Pretoria Boys High School Application Form

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