Michael Mount Waldorf School Subjects Offered

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Michael Mount Waldorf School Subjects Offered

Michael Mount Waldorf School Subjects Offered – see the list of courses offered at Michael Mount Waldorf School.

While the curriculum continues to meet young students in a developmentally appropriate manner, teaching now turns to the development of critical thinking, objectivity and self-discipline, through exploration, discussion and individual research. Main lessons continue in the high school, but are taken up by the specialist subject teachers. The class teacher is replaced by a class guardian who provides academic, social and personal support throughout the high school years. Weekly meetings are held between the Class and their guardian to plan activities, discuss issues and monitor progress.

Main lessons include English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Biology, Fine Arts, and Drama. Artistic activities include drama, music, painting, sculpture, Eurythmy, bookbinding, metal work, weaving, and woodwork. In addition to sports as a subject during school hours, High School students are encouraged to participate in team sports as an extra-curricular activity. All Waldorf students take all subjects up until Class 11, at which point they make their subject choices for matric.

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