Excelsior Akademie Rooihuiskraal Application Form

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Excelsior Akademie Rooihuiskraal Application Form

Excelsior Akademie Rooihuiskraal Application Form – see details below to apply…

Please note that Excelsior Academy does a selection to accept learners for 2023.

Admission will depend on the learner’s school record (eg school attendance, behavior record, etc.)

Before you proceed to application, click on the links below for information:

Excelsior Akademie Rooihuiskraal Contacts

Excelsior Akademie Rooihuiskraal Subjects Offered

Excelsior Akademie Rooihuiskraal Fee

Admission Procedure:

1.                The Registration Form must be completed and signed in full.

    • The Rules and Conditions must be carefully read and signed by the parents or guardians.
    • The School Rules must be carefully read and signed by the parents (guardians) and the learner.
    • The Disciplinary steps must be carefully read and signed by the parents (guardians) and the learner.
    • The appropriate degree’s Registration Fee and Booklet Form must be carefully read and signed by the parents (guardians). Please, please. knowledge of the suppliers we recommend on the last page.
    • The JVA Design Order Form must be completed and signed for the appropriate grade.

2.                The following documents must be submitted with the Registration Form.

    • Copy ID document from learner (birth certificate if not yet ID)
    • Copy of parent document / document
    • Last report from previous school (preferably each quarter’s points set out separately)
    • Discipline report from previous school.
    • Optional – Any Educational Psychological Reports.

3.                The R registration will be fully reviewed and considered. If necessary, the previous school can be contacted for confirmation of information submitted.

4.                An appointment will be made with the learner and his / her parents.

5.                Candidates will be notified whether their applications were successful or not.

6.                If the application is successful, the following is required:

    • Transfer card from previous school
    • Registration fee of R 2800-00 (for 2019)

BANKING DETAILS: First National Bank, Check: 62206901086, Branch Code: 250655.

7.                The admission and entry of learners to Excelsior Academy is at the discretion of the Management. The Management may grant temporary or provisional entry , subject to further terms and conditions that the Management may impose.


If you have any questions please feel free to email your questions: excelsioraka@gmail.com

Click here to Download Application Form


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