Durban Girls High School Admission Letter 2021

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Durban Girls High School Admission Letter 2021

Durban Girls High School Admission Letter 2021 – see details below:

Dear Parent/s

Further to your inquiry for admission for your daughter to attend Durban Girls’ High School, the application form
accompanies this letter.
The application form and all relevant documentation should be completed and hand delivered to the school by a
parent no later than 26 April 2019. An acknowledgement of receipt will be given providing all documentation
accompanies the application.

Thank you for showing interest in sending your daughter to Durban Girls’ High School. The management, teachers,
administrative staff and members of the Governing Body work tirelessly to uphold the name of the school and build on
the established, prevailing high standards.
The school receives considerably more applications for places than the number of learners which we can ultimately
 Completion of the application form does not represent the reserving of a position for your daughter.
 You will receive written notification by the end of the third term as to the status of your application.
 You and your daughter could be required for an interview at the school.
 If your daughter attends a primary school in the Glenwood area it does not automatically guarantee her
entrance into Durban Girls’ High School.
 If you had/have a daughter at Durban Girls’ High School it does not automatically gain entrance for a sibling
to the school.
 Each application is considered individually.
 Durban Girls’ High School is a fee paying school in terms of Section 39 and 40 of the South African Schools’
Act, Act No. 84 of 1996.

If Durban Girls’ High School is not the nearest state school to your residence you must make application to your
nearest state school in addition to this application, to ensure you secure a position for your daughter in 2019.
Girls cannot move into the area to live with other people in order to seek admission to this school.
The following documents must be submitted:
1 Unabridged Birth Certificate – Certified
2 Identity Document of Learner – Certified
3 Report- End of previous school year and latest – Certified
4 Immunisation Records
5 Both Parents’ Identity Documents – Certified
6 Guardianship (if necessary – copy of Court Ruling) – Certified
7 Electricity Account/Rates Account (latest, original) in parent’s name
8 One Passport size photo of learner
9 Current School Fee Statement – Recommended
We look forward to processing your daughter’s application and thank you for the interest shown in our school

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