Diocesan School for Girls Application Form 2023

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Diocesan School for Girls Application Form 2023

Diocesan School for Girls Application Form | See details below to apply:

Manual Applications

Should you prefer to submit your application manually please return the completed form to Lisa Hobsona t The Diocesan School for Girls.

Please ensure all required documentation accompanies your application form.

2023 Applications close on the deadline.

Late applications will be received and placed onto the waiting list.


1. Complete and return the application form with the supporting documentation as listed.
Please follow up with us if you do not receive an acknowledgement of our receipt of your form.
2. As originals are not required, these documents may be emailed or faxed back to us.
3. There is no application fee.
4. Applications must be returned by March the year preceding entry but, due to the demand for places at DSG, the
earlier the forms are submitted the better.
5. Part of our admission process includes an interview with the Head. You will be contacted to confirm a date for this.
6. Offers of places will be emailed to parents during the April of the year preceding admission. Offers of places must be
confirmed in writing and the entrance fee paid within a month of the offer (a date will be stipulated with the offer).
7. House placements and New Girls Packs will be sent to parents by October of the year preceding entry

Click here to download application form and apply online at: http://portal.sdpschool.org/dsg/register/

For more information regarding Diocesan School for Girls Application, Contact the institution at:

Please email your query to us on office @ dsgschool.com (without the spaces)

Or give us a call during office hours:

Tel: +27 (0)46 603 4300

Fax: +27 (0)46 636 2363

Or visit us at 16 Worcester Street, Grahamstown, South Africa.

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