Dainfern College Application Forms 2023

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Dainfern College Application Forms 2023

Dainfern College Application Forms 2023 – Dainfern College has opened its application for admission into the 2023 academic year intake. see details below to apply…

To find out more about applying for a place at Dainfern College for your child, please make an appointment with Mrs Claire Young on cyoung@dainferncollege.co.za.The application process is as follows:

1. Completion of this Application form. You need to attach proof of payment of the application fee so do not press submit.

2. Payment of a non-refundable application fee of R500 per child. Save the proof of payment as a PDF or jpeg.

3. Submission this Application form with uploaded proof of payment of the non-refundable application fee/s.

4. Submission of a Final Clearance Certificate from your child’s current / previous school, confirming that all fees are fully paid and up to date. (The form for this can be downloaded from our website.)

5. A Credit Check, so that Dainfern College may ascertain your propensity to pay for school fees and other goods and services (your written consent is required for this and is included in this application form).

Before you proceed with application, click on the links below for information:


It is important that you understand the following:1. The admission and enrolment of children to Dainfern College is at the discretion of the Principal of the College, who may refuse a child’s admission to Dainfern College without giving reasons therefor and may grant temporary or provisional enrolment to the College subject to such further terms and conditions that the Principal may impose. The Principal may, at his/her sole discretion, cancel enrolment in accordance with the Enrolment Contract, which Contract is signed by both parties on acceptance of a place at the College.

2. Dainfern College will not automatically offer a place to a sibling, should the family’s payment history with the College not have complied with the payment terms in the contracts signed for the other child/ren.

3. The College’s physical environment, facilities and resources limit its ability to provide high quality education to children with special educational needs. If, in the reasonable opinion of the Principal, Dainfern College is not able to provide adequately for your child’s special educational needs, enrolment may not be offered with the College. You must therefore inform Dainfern College, in writing prior to admission and enrolment, of any special educational needs of your child known to you, whether due to neurological barriers, hearing impairments, visual barriers, physical barriers, behavioural or emotional barriers or any other medically assessed need as non-disclosure of such information may result in withdrawal of admission. Dainfern College may also contact the child’s previous school for further information.

4. It is clear that the school and not the parent has the discretion as to admission to a grade different from the legislated age. Provided the criteria used relating to admissions are uniformly applied, no parent is in a position to compel the school to start a child in a particular class.

Click here to apply Online Or Download Application Form Right Here


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