Beaconhurst High School Subjects

Beaconhurst High School Subjects

Beaconhurst High School Subjects | See the list of subjects offered by the Institution…


At Beaconhurst:

We strive to be well informed of the latest developments in Education. Our educators regularly attend training workshops and courses. The learner always comes first and we therefore pride ourselves in the high quality of education we provide, and limit unnecessary interruption to their education.

At Beaconhurst School we encourage our learners to strive to reach their full academic potential. We offer various subjects that our learners are able to take part in. Beaconhurst has motivated and supportive staff who assist our learners in a friendly and caring environment.

The academic phases are divided as follows:

Foundation Phase: Grade PR to Grade 3

Intermediate Phase: Grade 4 to Grade 6

Senior Phase: Grade 7 to Grade 9

FET Phase: Grade 10 to Grade 12

Beaconhurst High School Subjects

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