Aliwal North High School Application Forms 2023

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Aliwal North High School Application Forms 2023

Aliwal North High School Application Forms 2023 | Aliwal North High School has opened its admission for Application into the 2023 academic year…see details below to apply.

Appendix A



We at the Aliwal North High School strive for an environment in which every learner will develop fully according to his / her potential.

A U D E N T I O R I T O – B O L D L Y F O R W A R D


Everything at the Aliwal North High School revolves around the child with Jesus Christ at the centre of all that affects the child. With this as a premise we will strive for the development of every child’s full academic potential combined with the maximal development of the child’s sporting and cultural talents so that he may become a well balanced human being.

In this process the school wishes to utilize and involve the community and parental home as partners to establish in an orderly and responsible manner a financially secure environment in which we may achieve our goal.


Parents and learners accept the following:

3.1The admission of all learners is subject to the approval of the principal and governing body, whose decision will be final.

3.2The medium of education is Afrikaans and English.

3.3Learners should submit proof of date of birth (I.D. document / birth certificate) as well as the latest report.

3.4Prospective learners may be tested to be placed in a suitable class.

3.5The age of the learners must agree with that of the grade group. On admission learners should not be older than:

1 Grade 8 – 15 years

2 Grade 9 – 16 years

3 Grade 10 – 17 years

Grade 11 – 18 years

Grade 12 – 19 years

3.6Learners must be able to benefit by education in this school.

3.7All learners and parents are fully aware of and accept the policy of the school (see prospectus) in connection with:

a)Classroom situation and homework.

b)Disciplinary System.

c)School uniforms.

d)School attendance.

e)Respect for other learners’ and school’s property.

f)Attendance of school functions.

g)Extra-mural activities.

h)Any other domestic rule.

i)Financial obligation.

3.8Parents are expected to attend parent functions and personal formal interviews.

3.9No politics may be advocated in the school by learners, teachers or parents.

3.10Payment of school fees is compulsory. The amount is annually revised by the Governing Body, and approved by parents at an annual meeting.

3.11Parents and pupils must respect the general traditions, spirit and character of the school as expressed in the mission and vision.

Click here to download Application Form.

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