Afrikaans High School Subjects Offered

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Afrikaans High School Subjects Offered

Afrikaans High School Subjects Offered – see the list of courses offered at Afrikaans High School.

Mathematics and Science olympiad! Affies regularly competes successfully in various Olympiads, amongst others the Free State/Northern Cape Math Challenge and the SA Math Olympiad as well as the Grade 10 Physical Science Olympiad. Affies is a regular annual competitor
in the Mintek-Minquiz competition.

Excellent Mathematics program! The excellent Cami Math program implemented by the school provide all learners with the opportunity to practice concepts to perfection. One period per week is formally scheduled for all grade 8 & 9 learners. Since 2011 Affies is a formal Advanced Mathematics Centre (Ad Maths). The annual math all-nighter is very popular with learners. Math is fun at Affies! Mee Thiart, Lategan, Lindner, Jonker, Kemp, Schutte, Van Greuenen and Botha are the math staff.

Drama and Visual Arts! DRAMA is a formal subject at Affies. This provides excellent results every year. Miss Je’Meane Viljoen presents the subject. VISUAL ARTS: Affies art learners achieve top results in the Free State in final high school exams. We compete in annual eisteddfods with excellent results. The grade 12 art journey in high school is concluded with an annual exhibition attended by the public. In 2016 six out of the nine candidates achieved distinctions in the subject.

Tourism!  This is a broad learning program that introduces learners to the various sections of
tourism. It is aimed at encouraging and creating tourism awareness in further education and
training. Besides focusing on knowledge, attitudes and skills developing that is in line with
entry-level jobs in the tourism industry, the program also encourages entrepreneurial
opportunities, making use of available resources. Learners frequently go on tours and outings.

Gr 8 & 9 Reading Labs!  Grade 8 & 9 Affie learners read in a computer supported centre once a week. The
reading program is available to senior learners on suggestion from teachers. Achievement can be
monitored by parents online.

  • Compulsory Subjects GROUP A – English First Language, Afrikaans Second Language, Life orientation.
  • Subject 1 – Choose from:  Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy.
  • Subject 2 – Choose from:  Computer Applications Technology, Accounting, Consumer Studies, Geography, Dramatic Arts and Visual Arts, Information Technology (IT).
  • Subject 3 – Choose from:  Life Science, Business Studies, Engineering Graophics and Design, Visual Arts and Information Technology (IT).
  • Subject 4 – Choose from:  Physical Science, Tourism, Sothern Sotho, Computer Applications Technology and Business Studies.

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