African Leadership Academy Application Form 2023

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African Leadership Academy Application Form 2023

African Leadership Academy Application Form – African Leadership Academy has opened its admission for application into the 2023 academic year intake… see details below to apply.

African Leadership Academy 2023 applications will commence from June

African Leadership Academy (ALA) seeks to enroll the most outstanding young leaders from across African and around the world  — ALA is not only looking for young people who are smart and excel academically, we are also looking for young people with potential to lead and impact the world around them through their courage, initiative and innovation.

Before you proceed with application, click any of the links for information:

Selection Process

First Round

ALA’s selection process is extremely competitive. The Academy receives several thousand applications from a diverse array of African countries each year. These applicants come from a wide range of social, economic, cultural & educational backgrounds. The application includes short questions and essays and must be submitted with academic transcripts. Please check the admissions timeline below to confirm the appropriate application deadline for you.

Final Round

At this stage approximately 400 finalists are selected to attend Finalist events held across the continent. At these events, finalists write entrance exams, participate in group activities & are interviewed one-on-one by the ALA Admissions team. Finalists are also required to submit teacher recommendations.


The hardest part of the selection process: the Academy is only able to select 120 students from the pool of extraordinary finalists to attend the Academy. All finalists will be notified of their admissions status by mid- April.

Apply at :

ALA Admissions


Tel: +27 11 699 3000


The Academy is committed to basing judgments concerning the admission of individuals upon their qualifications and abilities. The Academy’s policy in respect to admissions is consistent with African Leadership Academy’s policy on non-discrimination. As such, in accordance with our value of diversity and in compliance with South African law, ALA does not discriminate on the basis of gender (identity or expression), race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnicity (or tribal affiliation), wealth or income.

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